Currently, around 1 in 4 women on average are delivering their babies by c section so nowadays it really is seen as a common place procedure. Couple that with the ‘bounce back’ celebrity culture approach to post natal wellbeing and there is every chance that we are underestimating the time needed to truly recover after having a c section, c section recovery can vary but with the right approach, a safe and speedy recovery can be achieved.

The C section procedure is ultimately major abdominal surgery and if you have had major surgery for any other purpose other than for having a baby your focus would be purely on you but guess what ??? You have a pregnancy to recover from, a new baby to look after, and not to mention all those visitors popping by!

Post C Section

Fast forward now to around about 6 to 8 weeks post c section when a lot of clients contact us so they can start planning to return to exercise and generally the first thing they say is that the scar has healed ‘nicely’ and they have been told they can go back to exercise ‘gently’ …. So what to this actually mean? Just because the scar on the outside has healed it does not mean you are ready on the inside! I often liken a c section’s impact on the body to that of a pebble being thrown in a pond and the ripples that get created – so a whole-body approach is needed no just where the ‘pebble was thrown’.

Many of the clients I see are surprised when they come into the clinic for a c section recovery massage appointment that the scar is actually the LAST area I work on. First and foremost is talking about the recovery journey, using a guided mediation technique to reconnect to your body, implementing effective breathing patterns, improving your posture, and ensuring you are engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles. Once on the massage couch specialist massage techniques are using to release areas that have been impacted on by the section – many clients are so surprised how tight they have become and what relief it is to feel ‘unstuck’.
And finally, to the scar, so many clients are anxious, scared, or simply unsure what to do so I show clients three simple but highly effective ways to mobilize the scar to get results. Working with a client to support them after a c section is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work especially when we can get excellent results within the very first appointment.

And Finally …. Think you can make a change to scar tissue that is too that new

… Think again we get results with scar a year, 5 years, and even 10 years old.

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