Being pregnant can be wonderful and it’s exciting to expect the birth of a child, whether it’s your first or your third. However, for some women pregnancy can have uncomfortable and in some cases painful side effects.

Among them is a number of issues that can occur with your feet, making it difficult to carry on with life as normal.

Tips to Get Relief from Foot Problems in Pregnancy

In a recent article, the Conversation outlined some of the most common foot issues pregnant women encounter, and how to relieve them.

Top of the list is collapsed arches, which the news provider explains is relatively common because you gain weight quickly when you fall pregnant and your body releases the relaxin hormone, which can have the effect of relaxing the ligaments in your ankles and feet.

Wearing comfortable shoes with a “firm heel, a cushioned insole and either a strap, laces or velcro” is the best way to provide support to your feet and minimise your discomfort.

Another issue that many women face during pregnancy is swelling. It’s quite common for this to occur in the ankles and feet, which can be painful. Avoiding long periods of time standing or sitting is essential if this is a side effect you suffer from, while elevating the feet will also help.

Whatever kind of problems you’re facing, it’s important to get some pregnancy support in Solihull, or wherever you live. 

You may also want to try some natural remedies to alleviate the swelling and discomfort. Raise Vegan recently offered some suggestions, such as drinking nettle and dandelion tea, and doing 30 minutes of exercise each day to keep your circulation flowing.