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Pregnancy Workouts can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and give you confidence and information. Exercise after birth is equally as important to help your body recover after having a baby.

Before you have your baby, it’s essential for mums-to-be to use all of the support they can get. If you are pregnant during COVID-19 and the adjusting to the ‘new normal’ this might seem like a challenge, as face-to-face groups and classes have been have temporarily been put on hold. However, you can still take care of you and your baby from home with online pregnancy workouts.

It is important to do the right type of pregnancy workouts and exercise after birth to keep bith you and your baby safe. You body goes through significant changes during pregnancy and needs to recover post birth.

There are many benefits of staying active during your pregnancy for both mum and baby. Moderate exercise may also relieve many of the more unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, like back pain and leg cramps. Taking regular breaks and staying hydrated are essential during pregnancy workouts, and stop anything that doesn’t feel right.

Can pregnancy exercise harm my baby?

As long as you stick to the advice, exercising in pregnancy will not harm your baby. See our piece on which exercises are best to do to make sure you stay safe and you’re good to go. In fact exercising in pregnancy can actually be good for your baby, and good for you.

Our Pregnancy Workouts and Exercise After Birth Online Programs

We are pleased to offer a wide range of pre-natal and post-natal programs online to support you through pregnancy, birth, and after delivery. You can work with us either in a group or 1-to-1, using easy and user-friendly technology to bring our services to the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

Online Classes for Pregnancy​ Fitness gives you the flexibility to fit in a program around your work and family commitments but with the dedicated support of an experienced women’s health professional to guide you to get results. Any equipment required for the programs will be sent directly to you.

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