Pelvic Floor and Core

What is the pelvic floor and Core?

Your pelvic floor is the layered muscle that stretches like a hammock from the front of your pelvis to the bottom of your backbone.

What happens to my pelvic floor when I have a baby? 

Whether you have a caesarean section or vaginal birth, most women experience strain on their pelvic floor when having a baby. Your pelvic floor has been supporting extra weight and pressure throughout your pregnancy and this will have had some effect, regardless of how you give birth.

Those who have a vaginal birth may experience further trauma to their pelvic floor during the delivery of the baby as a result of tearing or an episiotomy.

Like any other trauma, pelvic floor and abdominal issues caused during pregnancy and birth are injuries that need to be healed.

Pregnancy to Postnatal
pelvic floor and core

Every woman at every life stage, be it during pregnancy, the early post-natal period or later in life, needs to be empowered to improve their pelvic floor heath, core strength and wellbeing.

Pregnancy and childbirth puts a strain on these muscles. “It is quite common to leak wee when coughing, sneezing or straining during pregnancy if you have weak pelvic floor muscles. It’s known as stress incontinence . Stress incontinence can carry on after pregnancy yet doing pelvic floor exercises can help reduce or help you avoid having this issue and strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

After having a baby, it is important to restore the stomach muscles and pelvic floor gradually, understanding and connecting the core muscles and ensuring they are functioning before moving onto any kind of strengthening exercises. 

“I first started working with Jayne at her postnatal exercise class and have gone on to complete the Holistic Core Restore course. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about all things pelvic floor. I have learnt so much and my pelvic floor and core are stronger than ever.”

Joanna Ely

Do you suffer from any of the below problems?

  • Do you suffer from lower back pain? Have you been told your back pain is due to a weak core, and you’re now looking for an easy and time-efficient exercise programme that works?
  • Have you had a hysterectomy and feel out of touch with your core and pelvic floor? Are you interested in exercising again but need a supportive strategy?
  • Do you want to start jogging, running, or take part in athletic activities but lack the confidence because of small leaks?
  • Have you had children and want a better looking belly? You know it takes more than sit-ups and planks, and you need support to work smarter and love your body again.
  • Do you have a small Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) after pregnancy (no matter how long ago it was) that you want to heal?
  • Do you want to jump, sneeze, cough, laugh, or run without issue by building a stronger and better functioning pelvic floor muscle?
  • Have you been using the ‘squeeze and lift’ exercises but still lack confidence in your pelvic floor? 
  • Do you value the importance of eating a healthy diet for weight loss as well as nourishing your pelvic, core, and overall health, but need guidance? 
  • Have you had a slight or low-level prolapse and been told to do your ‘pelvic floor exercises’ but you don’t know where to start?

We can help you reconnect with your core muscles, have a stronger and better looking abdomen, strengthen your abdominals, strengthen your back muscles, and strengthening your pelvic core.

If you invest 1 hour of your time each week into our structured exercise programme you could achieve all of this and more. You will learn essential exercises and skills that you can keep using after the programme has ended.

“Jayne’s programme offered a great combination of practical exercises to get results with light hearted inspiration! Highly recommended for mums and ladies of all ages where pelvic floor health and strength is needed.”

Tina Neville-Davies

The Women’s Wellness Coach is an expert, award-winning provider of the Holistic Core Restore® pelvic floor and core programme, working online and limited in person.

We deliver a leading pelvic floor rehab programme for a range of pelvic floor problems including hysterectomy and prolapse. We offer our Everywoman  foundation programme and more specialised options for rehabilitation and recovery .

Start your pelvic health journey with our Foundation programme, the Holistic Core Restore Everywoman Programme.

There are many reasons why our Everywoman programme is right for you. Described as ground-breaking, our foundation Pelvic Floor and Core Health programme is adaptable for virtually all women, and designed to help you fall in love with your body again.

Placing pelvic floor and core health at the centre of our focus, we guide you through 6 weeks of movement, nutritional guidance, and education around women’s wellness and fitness, no matter what life phase you are in.

Jayne Hume your programme coach is highly experienced in working with many aspects of pelvic health and endorsed by leading Women’s Health Physiotherapists.