Why come to a Pregnancy Exercise class

So why come to a pregnancy exercise class? During our grandmothers and even mother’s time pregnancy was referred to as a time of confinement   – a time for putting your feet up and perhaps a little overindulgence. Attitudes and thinking have come along way and pregnancy is seen as a time when you can continue with your life as normal albeit with a few adaptations. 

Importance of pregnancy exercise class

Exercising while pregnant is no exception and can provide a very powerful and positive contribution to pregnancy.  Studies have shown that in most cases exercise during pregnancy is safe for both mother and baby when done correctly.

Benefits for the mother

  • Reduced weight gain
  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • Less swelling
  • Fewer aches and pains associated with backache, leg cramps, and joint stiffness.
  • Speedier recovery following the birth

The body produces its own powerful natural painkillers called endorphins and these are increased during exercise researchers believe it is this fact that results in women who regularly exercise throughout their pregnancies have shorter and easier labours. Exercise also helps pregnant women feel good about themselves leading to less anxiety and more sleep – which has got to be good news when faced with the impending arrival of motherhood.

Benefits for Baby

Mothers to be and especially first-time mums are concerned that exercise may harm their growing baby but studies have shown that exercise does not increase the risk of miscarriage, congenital defects, or premature labour. In fact, there have been shown to have positive benefits for the baby including: –

Pregnancy Exercise class
  • Babies born to exercising mothers have been found to be leaner and stronger and less likely to develop diabetes and obesity in later life.
  • They are better able to cope with the stress of labour in particular if there is unanticipated maternal stress.
  • Studies have been even shown that they can be smarter and more content!

Coming to a specialist exercise class is an ideal way to enjoy the benefits of exercising while pregnant for the following reasons:

  • It is vital that the instructor is a specialist in pre natal exercise and post natal exercise and has expert training and experience.
  • Your instructor will ask you plenty of questions and be able to adapt exercises if you have any specific pregnancy conditions
  • As everyone in the class is pregnant it feels ‘normal’ as opposed to trying to fit into a regular class at a gym.
  • It’s a brilliant way to make friends that will become your ‘Mum tribe’ to support you during your pregnancy and beyond into motherhood.
  • Opportunity to ask all those questions however small and even if you think they are daft someone else does too!!
  • Gain from the experiences of the group to lessen feelings of anxiety
  • Get a way to prepare your body for recovery once the little one is here.

Jayne Hume is a leading and award-winning in pre and post natal exercise instructor, Jayne has created the Pre Natal Workouts to ensure the highest standards of safe and effective exercise during pregnancy and has supported hundreds of mums to be.

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