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Pelvic floor health and rehabilitation Programmes for all women

The Women’s Wellness Coach is an expert , award-winning provider of the pelvic floor and core  programme, working online and in person. We deliver a leading pelvic floor rehab programme for a range of pelvic floor problems including hysterectomy and prolapse.  We offer our Everywoman  foundation programme  and  more specialised options for rehabilitation and recovery . 

Our Foundation Programme
Pelvic Floor and Core Foundation Programme
Rehabilitation & Recovery
C-Section and Hysterectomy Recovery

Our pelvic health Programmes:

Foundation programme

This is our foundation pelvic health and wellness programme

Holistic Core Restore Everywoman


Our foundation programme: Pelvic Floor and Core

Start your pelvic health journey with our Foundation programme, the Pelvic Floor and Core Foundation.

There are many reasons why this programme is right for you. Described as ground-breaking, our foundation Pelvic Floor and Core Health programme is adaptable for virtually all women, and designed to help you fall in love with your body again.

Placing pelvic floor and core health at the centre of our focus, we guide you through 6 weeks of movement, nutritional guidance, and education around women’s wellness and fitness, no matter what life phase you are in.

 Jayne Hume your programme coach  is  highly experienced in working with many aspects of pelvic health and endorsed by leading Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

Recovery & Rehabilitation programmes

These programmes make up our pelvic floor rehabilitation series

Ongoing Maintenance programmes

These programmes make up our pelvic floor maintenance series

online Classes

Our classes are accessed from the safety and comfort of your own home with:

• No travel required
• Your own equipment
• No social distancing markers
• Friendly class atmosphere
• Tailored, expert advice

Not sure which class is right for you?

Book a discovery call with Jayne to discuss the programmes that would best suit your needs and wellness goals.

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Are you unsure about which Pelvic Floor Programme is right for you?

Book a FREE 20 minute consultation call to review your pelvic health needs with our highly experienced expert. The call will give you valuable help even if you don’t work with us or we feel you would benefit from a referral to another practitioner.