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Meditation programme

Our mindfulness and meditation programme.

Achieve Work-Life Balance and Better Health

Many women struggle to achieve a work/life balance, juggling the demands of a young family, teenagers, menopause, building a career, and feeling always overwhelmed and worn out. 

What if we told you there was a program that could help you break this vicious cycle and create a virtuous one of self-care that benefits you, your family, friends, colleagues, and your health.  – Well there is and its our ZenWoman programme.

Zenwoman® is a 7-week course beneficial for women at every life stage. All that juggling means you are busy being everything to everyone, doing lots, but never actually achieving everything you want to. You never have time for your needs, and being exhausted and stressed has left you frustrated.

You may have downloaded a meditation app in the hope of disconnecting and chilling out, but listening to a script is only a small part of an effective mindfulness practice. You need to learn, develop, and nurture all areas of your self-care.

How can Zenwoman help?

The 7-week Zenwoman programme was designed to blend age-old meditation practices with the latest science to deliver a truly unique offering for the busy modern woman. If you’re looking for a schedule of self-care that goes way beyond the occasional bubble bath and glass of wine, then Zenwoman is for you.

Once you’ve booked in, you’ll receive an email with all the instructions to get you started.

The first step is to complete a self-audit of what’s going on in your mind. We want to get an honest view about how you’re feeling. Working with your coach, Jayne Hulme, the course will be delivered via a group Zoom call  with ongoing  support in our private whatsapp group. 

Work stress, kids, life  in general are always going to be there; learning how to manage your approach to them  –  this is how you make a difference to your mental and physical health.

Some recent reviews of ZenWoman®

"ZenWoman showed me that I’m not alone in how I feel and valued the support from the others. It gave me the ability to concentrate on ones well being in a short period of time with guided meditation and learn how to introduce it into my everyday life."
Review of ZenWoman®
"Despite the class being from all walks of life , who have only known each other five minutes, truly opening up with each other, about differing topics and struggles we face within our minds, we have laughed, cried, been serious, but most of all supportive. It’s great to talk and I think we have all felt comfortable in opening up . The classes have been informative, you listen to differing perspectives and ideas and you learn to meditate in a structured way, which is so good for the soul”
Review of ZenWoman®


Group Programme


Per 7 week course

7 weekly lived streamed sessions group
Online support group
Course Booklet inc. self audit guide
Weekly email with extra resources
Online - no travel

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