Hysterectomy Recovery


Rehabilitation programme

This programme is part of our pelvic floor rehabilitation series

Supporting post hysterectomy surgery

We have re-imagined what it is to help and support hysterectomy through our Recovery Programme. We not only guide you safely as you return to an active life once you go home, but teach you to move in a way that supports your new and ongoing pelvic status because we care. 

If you are looking for a positive experience and independence, then our Recovery Programme is for you. This fully holistic plan isn’t simply a fitness programme. We appreciate that life before and after surgery can be scary and confusing, and so we wanted to simplify the science to help you understand the process and your body more.

We know people will have questions such as how long does it take to recover from a vaginal hysterectomy, abdominal hysterectomy, or a total hysterectomy? We understand how puzzled you may be about your cardiovascular, gut, and bowel health. We also know that any type of scar tissue you have becomes part of your dysfunction story  and can leave you not only with adhesions but also a sense of being stuck throughout your body. 

Throughout  our programme, we will guide you in supporting and use food as medicine, massage, exercise tailored to your individual needs.

How does the Hysterectomy Recovery Programme get results?

Following an in-depth assessment of your core strength and connection, a full debrief of your surgery, we create a unique programme to suit your needs no matter how recent or long ago you had your surgery. Your coach Jayne Hume will then work with you virtually for 6 weeks to re connect your core, teach you how to  massage your scar effectively if you have one and the importance of good nutrition on your recovery.

You will also be given homework exercises that will become more challenging as you progress through the course, and your strength and coordination improve.

Once you start  our Hysterectomy Recovery Programme you’ll receive login details for the Online Platform via email. This allows you  to log in and view your additional filmed homework, watch our Healing Nutrition educational film, and download our colour recipe book. 

You will then receive your Client Education Booklet, together with some essential fitness kit items required for the course before you begin your journey to better pelvic and core

If you have any questions,  or you’re unsure which programme is right for you, book a discovery call to review all your needs. Even if you don’t work with us or we need to refer you back for additional clinical support you’ll have gained valuable advice and information.


80 MINUTES per APPOINTMENT (3, 6 and 8 Session Plans depending on individual needs)

FROM £197

(for a 3 Session Plan)

scar and abdominal massage treatment
tailored core exercises
all equipment to use at home
videos of all exercises
phone support between sessions
instruction on how to massage your own scar

abdominal Scar tissue

specialist massage service

The impact of scar tissue is very often underestimated or attention just given to the scar on the surface.
Our scar tissue session is designed to assess deeply the impact of the surgery, offer movement and lifestyle recommendations and specialist scar tissue release therapy.

Add on a c-section scar tissue massage

treatment to your wellness journey

Book a specialist c-section scar tissue release massage treatment. We regularly work on scars that are over 10 to 15 years old and even ones as old as 45 years and get results that have a significant impact.

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online delivery

live streamed

Our programmes are all accessed from the safety and comfort of your own home .

• No travel required
• Your own equipment
• No social distancing markers
• Friendly class atmosphere
• Tailored, expert advice

Not sure which class is right for you?

Book a discovery call with Jayne to discuss the programmes that would best suit your needs and wellness goals.

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