The Women’s Wellness Coach is an qualified women’s remedial massage specialist with a beautiful and relaxing clinic in Shirley just outside Solihull.

Offering specialist female focused massage therapies including pregnancy massage, postnatal massage and also c-section scar tissue release and therapeutic massage.

Our pregnancy to postnatal massage timeline:

Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage & C-Section Scar Massage
Treating post abdominal surgery, pre-IVF treatment or post hysterectomy
Soft Tissue Massage for muscle relaxation & tension relief
Pregnancy to Postnatal
Prehab & Rehab
Ongoing Maintenance
pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Aches & Pains?

Specialist prenatal massage and physio treatments will help you to overcome discomfort and other issues associated with pregnancy.

the impact a c-section has

Postnatal aches & pains?

Specialist postnatal massage and treatments will help you to relax, recover and feel your best during your postnatal period. Including C section scar release.

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Have a C-section scar?

Specialist scar tissue massage, including C section scar release, to help heal and improve scarred areas, even older scars can be improved!

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Have some tension or pain?

As an expertly trained women’s massage specialist The Women’s Wellness Coach provides a range of massage services to help you to relax, recover and feel your best.

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We offer a range specialist female-centric massage therapies, including pregnancy massage, c-section scar release massage and remedial massage