Postnatal Massage

impact a c-section has and how much a pregnancy massage helps

As an expert Postnatal  massage specialist in Solihull The Women’s Wellness Coach provides a remedial service to target the areas impacted by pregnancy changes, the birth and early period safely. The treatments taken place at our relaxing clinic in Knowle just outside Solihull.

Each massage is tailored to your individual needs and prior to any treatment we will debrief  your birth as well as do an assessment of abdominal, and pelvic floor muscles. 

Contact us for the option of a 45 minute or a 75 minute treatment and packages so you can be supported throughout your post natal recovery.  A specialist c section recovery massage appointment and additional services are available. Our massages are great for your growing baby. If this is your first baby or third, you need to experience how much this will help. 

The PostNatal Massage Solihull 

Treatments are suitable from 10 days to 12 months+

Our Remedial Massages in Solihull go far beyond your standard treatment; included as standard at every appointment is our assessment which includes an abdominal and postural muscle assessment, breathing pattern assessment, pelvic floor screening, and a birth debrief. 

This treatment will use emphasis on the release of tight muscles from the birth and early days  – including shoulders , hips, lower back, upper back during which the importance of pelvic floor and optimum breathing is explained.

Our treatments also includes 

an abdominal pregnancy massage using specialist techniques to assist with healing, and abdominal healing. As our expert therapist is a specialist in movement and pelvic, you can be sure that you’ll be in safe and caring hands.

Following your treatment near Solihull, specialist advice

is given based around a referral into our postnatal return to exercise and specialist programmes for pelvic holistic core restore programmes. If you have further questions you can email us about your care and service.

Our treatments are fully endorsed by the Midlands leading Women’s Physiotherapists.

postnatal massage

75 mins treatment


Course of 3 Treatments - £157

Specialist 75 mins treatment
45 mins Follow up appointment £45
Comfortable and heated massage table
Organic massage oil safe if breastfeeding
Full after care instructions given
Access to video on massage techniques to do at home

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We offer a range specialist female-centric massage therapies, including pregnancy massage, c-section scar release massage and remedial massage in the Solihull area.  Contact us in person, call, or email for further information, and we can help and support you.