Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

As an expertly trained, pregnancy massage therapists The Women’s Wellness Coach provides a pregnancy massage service to help you to feel your best and target any pregnancy related aches and pains, safely and effectively. The treatments taken place at our beautiful and relaxing clinic in Knowle just outside Solihull. Each massage is tailored to your individual needs and is adapted throughout the trimesters to ensure you and the baby are at ease. 

We offer the option of a 45 minutes and 75 minutes treatment and many packages are available so you can be supported throughout your pregnancy.  We give you more than 60 minutes, because we know you deserve more!

The Pregnancy Massage

suitable FROM 12 WEEKS pregnant

Our Remedial Pregnancy Massage is individually tailored to your needs, so whether the emphasis is more on relaxation or to target a specific problem, you will always leave the clinic feeling revived.

It is ideal for Pelvic Girdle Pain, Back, Neck and Shoulder pain, Swelling, lower back pains, and aid you with things like Anxiety and mind. Choose from a full body massage or a shorter treatment for a target area for your pregnancy massages.

It is suggested that to achieve maximum benefits of this therapy, regular treatments are recommended. You may call us any time to book an appointment for your prenatal massage and get rid of that stress for you and the babies well being. We will support your body and the baby by removing the stress and tension. Once you have one great massage we know you will come back. 

Many mothers understand the need for a body massage 

and what it can do from prenatal to childbirth.  With our messages, we give you all of the information you need and make you have peace.  Our prenatal massage are designed to help pregnant women with their pains. Every body is very social and you might make a friend!

Exercise in Pregnancy can also be highly beneficial alongside a massage

for relieving common ailments  – unless there is medical reason not to, so we recommend our Prenatal Workout as it is the right way to keep healthy and active in pregnancy. There are so many benefits of our treatments you will not be disappointed. When the discomfort and pressure is too high, give us a call to help you and the baby feeling better, relaxed, and safe.

pregnancy massage

75 minute treatment


Course of 3 treatments - £157

Specialist 75 mins treatment
45 mins Follow up Appointment £45
Comfortable couch adapted for pregnancy
Organic massage oil safe for pregnancy
After care instructions given
Access to video on massage techniques to do at home

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We offer a range specialist female-centric massage therapies, including pregnancy massage, c-section scar release massage and remedial massage