C-Section & Scar tissue Massage


The impact of scar tissue is very often underestimated or attention just given to the scar on the surface. The impact of a c section, hysterectomy and abdominal surgery can affect many areas of the body creating a feeling of being ‘stuck’ and discomfort when returning to normal life activities as well as exercise. 

Our scar tissue session is designed to assess deeply the impact of the surgery, offer movement and lifestyle recommendations and specialist scar tissue release therapy.

We regularly work on scars that are over 10 to 15 years old and even ones as old as 45 years and get results that have a significant impact.

C-section Recovery Massage

Postnatal Massage treatment from 6 weeks post-birth

The C-Section recovery massage is a more in-depth treatment that includes all the elements of the postnatal massage and then focuses on the impact that a C section has had on your body. We will use specialist technique on the scar area to work on scar adhesions, reduce numbness and improve appearance of the whole area.

What to expect at the sessions :
  • Debrief of your pregnancy and birth
  • Detailed review of your pelvic health screening form
  • Postural and Abdominal  muscle assessment
  • Pelvic floor activation assessment
  • Breathing assessment
  • Tailored massage based on your needs
  • Demonstration of  scar massage techniques for you to follow at home
  • Detailed information advice sheet

Results will be seen at the first appointment however to experience more significant results it is recommended that additional sessions are booked.

c-section scar massage

85 minute treatment


Follow up appointments 50 mins at £52 (Recommended min 3 sessions)

Specialist 85 mins treatment
Comfortable and heated massage table
Organic massage oil safe if breastfeeding
Full after care instructions given
Access to video on scar massage techniques to do at home
Scar tissue massage balm at reduced price

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