Menopause programme

Our integrated menopause women's wellness programme.


The  Menopause Wellness Programme

The Women’s Wellness Coach has launched a new programme to help women through the stages from peri to post menopause. 

MenoEnergy®  our integrated menopause programme helps women aged from 40 years and over, to balance their hormones and manage the menopausal symptoms, like hot flushes, that many women experience during this stage of their lives. 


The Menoenergy®️ programme offers practical and effective solutions by combining Mindset, Education, Stress Management, Nutrition and Brain, Bone and Heart Health As well as addressing  many menopausal support issues such as why your hormones are out of sync, weight gain, low energy, hot flushes, insomnia and brain fog. We want to help you to thrive, not just survive the menopause. 

Is this menopause support programme for you?
  • Have you noticed things starting to change, such as your body and mood, and possibly feel that your current strategies for diet, exercise and lifestyle don’t seem to work anymore/are starting to have a negative effect?
  • Are you experiencing hot flushes or night sweats like many women do as symptoms?
  • Have you been trying to go it alone in managing common difficult symptoms such as low mood, need extra support, breast tenderness, weight gain, hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, pelvic floor dysfunction, low libido and chronic fatigue? These are the most common side effects from menopausal women. 
  • Are you approaching your 40s and want to be educated and prepared for the next life phase and have a clear strategy rather than just guess what to do. 
  • Do you simply need some extra support or help as you experience an early menopause symptoms?

All of the items listed above may be one or more symptoms of menopause.

So, how does it work and what happens when you start the programme? 
  • The programme is delivered online through a learning portal of videos, downloads and links to additional useful resources and information. There is a weekly live streamed interactive group  session, online support group and you have 2 individual coaching sessions for that extra support.
Areas we cover in the programme and more information about it
  • Hormones 

    Understanding the female hormones and why they do what they do.

  • Stress Management 

    Why stress is not the friend of the menopausal woman, adrenal fatigue, the effect of cortisol during menopause, and most importantly, the best strategies to restore balance in your body to stop those hormones running riot!

  • Bone Well-Being 

    Risks to your bone during this, dispelling of myths and finding effective ways to improve and maintain optimal bone through food nutrition and effective exercises.

  • Pelvic Floor

    This session will cover all aspects of pelvic, helping you to understand how exercise, food nutrition, breathing and stress can all have a positive impact on your pelvic floor, and will teach you how to implement strategies to see excellent results.

  • Eating for Nourishment

    Understanding which foods will nourish your body by promoting bone, balance your hormones, and provide you with optimal nutrition that your body will love you for!

  • Effective Exercise

    This session will teach you the most effective exercises for this age group – exercise that will assist bone, effectively burn fat rather than muscle, and above all, is fun and will help and support you to achieve your best results because we care. It is important for us to build you new again and getting yourself back

Are you wondering if the Menopause support Programme is right for you and if you need it?

We understand what women need to get back to themselves, especially if you have menopausal symptoms. Please book a consultation call to review all your needs to give you an expert consultation to ask questions about your symptoms.