Postnatal Assessment

impact a c-section has and how much a pregnancy massage helps

Perfect add on to your postnatal membership

Our unique Postnatal membership takes you from pregnancy through birth & beyond.

A thorough assessment post-birth is highly important in order to understand your body after the experiences of pregnancy and birth and enables you to plan an effective recovery. This is a whole 60 mins dedicated to you so you can feel more confident and have a much more increased awareness of how to support yourself.

The Women’s Wellness Coach is a leading provider of expert postnatal fitness, massage, pelvic floor and Diastasis rehab programmes  in the west midlands and beyond through her online course portal. 

Our pregnancy to postnatal timeline:

Pre & post Labour
4th Trimester programme
6-10+ weeks
The Postnatal Workout & Postnatal Massage
3 to 12 months
C-section recovery, Diastasis repair & pelvic floor rehab
Birth & Early postnatal

What is the postnatal  Assessment?

This is a whole 60 mins totally dedicated to you, THE MOTHER! So often in the post natal period the focus is on the baby, which obviously is essential, HOWEVER Mum needs that attention on her and the recovery her body has to go through.

We so often hear that the GP check up at around 6 to 8 weeks does not provide the level of depth of assessment that new mums need whether it’s as a first time mum or already had children.  It’s also a source of frustration that checks are not always done and the advice of returning to exercise is ‘take it gently’ BUT what does that actually mean?

The recommended service following your post natal assessment is our Integrated Pre – post natal programme combines fitness, pelvic health, massage, mindfulness and nutrition guidance, tailored to each of the stages of pregnancy, birth and early postnatal, postnatal and beyond. This range of services developed by The Women’s Wellness Coach are delivered predominantly online with  a limited in person service. 

What our  60 minute Postnatal Assessment  offers you:

  • Debrief of your pregnancy and birth
  • Detailed pelvic health screening form review  
  • Assessment of abdominal and postural muscles
  • Review of pelvic floor and core muscles activation
  • Review and correction of breathing pattern
  • Assessment of c-section scar (if appropriate)
  • Advice on the best approach for you to return to exercise
  • Referral to private women’s health physio (if required)
  • You will be confident having  a clearer plan on how to continue your post natal recovery with the support you need.

postnatal assessment

Book a postnatal assessment today, and experience 60 minutes of expert advice that is dedicated to you and your wellness, including pelvic health, abdominal muscle assessment and c-section scar as well as how to get back to exercise after having a baby!