Postnatal Exercise

postnatal exercise

Included in pre-postnatal membership

Our unique membership takes you from pregnancy through birth & beyond.

As a leading postnatal fitness expert The Women’s Wellness Coach has developed the exercise fitness classes to ensure women have an effective and safe return to exercise where the focus is on restrengthening and realigning the body. Core muscle rehab is central to the sessions and suitable for those with more complex recoveries as individual adaptations are given. 

Our pregnancy to postnatal timeline:

Pre & post Labour
4th Trimester programme
6-10+ weeks
The Postnatal Workout & Postnatal Massage
12+ months
C-section recovery & pelvis health
Baby Birth & Early Postpartum

Postnatal Workout

exercise from 6 weeks Post birth 

Specially designed by Jayne Hume, the award-winning founder of The Women’s Wellness The Postnatal Workout is a fitness exercise programme  which has supported hundreds of new mums throughout their recovery. The classes incorporate including stretching and releasing, cardio and strength, conditioning, core and pelvic floor work, relaxation to ensure you exercise safely and effectively. 

Every recovery is different, so you are  encouraged  to work at your own pace. For natural births, the earliest you can begin the class in 6 weeks, however this would be longer for C-sections or more complex recoveries. 

Additional services are available for fitness including C section Recovery,  Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and  Postnatal  Massage, Diastasis Recovery.

Not only is the session a specialised class it is also an excellent way for you to meet other mums for help, support, and friendship 

online Classes

live streamed

Our live streamed classes are all accessed from the safety and comfort of your own home with:

• No travel required
• Your own equipment
• No social distancing markers
• Friendly class atmosphere
• Meet other new mums
• Face to face, expert advice

Not sure which class is right for you?

Book a discovery call with Jayne to discuss the programmes that would best suit your needs and wellness goals.

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postnatal exercise classes

Included in our Pre-Postnatal memberships

Our Intergrated Programme  combines fitness, pelvis health, massage, mindfulness and nutrition guidance, tailored to each of the stages through pregnancy, birth & early postpartum, postpartum and beyond, with a range of services developed and delivered by The Women’s Wellness Coach