When you’ve had a baby your body will have undergone a huge number of changes. If you’re itching to get back to exercising that’s great, but you need to make sure that you do Exercise After Pregnancy carefully to prevent any injuries.

Benefits of Exercise After Pregnancy

A recent article for Runner’s World offered some advice to new mums who want to ease back into running. 

Postpartum exercise offers a range of benefits, such as relieving stress, helping you sleep, boosting your energy levels, helping to prevent postpartum depression and strengthening your core.

However, the magazine pointed out that you need to make sure you get back into exercise gradually. Jill Barnes, Ph.D., an assistant professor in kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said that you may find you have “less strength or endurance during the postpartum period”.

Like with any exercise, the key is to “really listen to your body and how it’s recovering”, she added.

It’s important to alter your mindset to ensure you’re not expecting to instantly be able to train at the same level of intensity you did before you had a baby. Joining a class for postnatal fitness in Birmingham could help you ease back into an exercise regime, for instance.

One area that it’s worth paying particular attention to, according to the publication, is strengthening your core and legs. This will not only help you when you come to start running again but will also help you when you’re caring for your baby.

Last month a blog for WebMD shared some of the best exercises to try in the early stages after birth – and after you’ve been cleared to get back to exercising by your doctor or midwife.

Hip raises, diaphragmatic breathing and the cat cow stretch were among those cited in the post and can all give you a gentle way to start working your muscles again.