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“not like any other exercise class”

‘It’s not like any other exercise class… Jayne reassuringly ensures the exercise is tailored to our needs and covers everything from pelvic floor and core restore, to general fitness, strength training and even the spiritual side. She is always on hand to help and answer any questions and her inclusive, relaxed open and outgoing nature helps quickly breakdown any walls and helps people get to know each other and talk about topics that would make a lot of people squirm!’

” prepares you for the realities of birth and recovery”

I have ‘been a student’ of Jayne’s for over 4 years, I use the term ‘student’ as jayne has an ever expanding wealth of knowledge that guided me through both my pregnancies and recoveries. She is extremely generous with her time and will always answer questions to ensure a personalised recovery. Jayne is honest and her advice prepares you for the realities of birth and recovery more than any other birthing class did- there is no sugar coating! And when all the classes have stopped and you have a new born, jayne is there to help you regain bits of ‘you’ through advice, exercise and laughter!

“professional, down to earth, friendly and enthusiastic”

I started with Jayne antenatally in 2013. Her professional, down to earth, friendly and enthusiastic approach meant I came back postnatally. Then antenatally and then postnatally again. So many things slide with baby no 3 but the sessions are something I have made sure I have continued with – I really value the carefully designed exercise which is made good fun and enjoyable.

“I could bring my son along too, perfect!”

Following the birth of my son, I ended up with severe weakness of my pelvic floor muscles. I also had diastasis recti and was told to do sit-ups by my midwife! After searching around, I was fortunate enough to find the contact details for Jayne Hume. Jayne personally called me to find out more about me, my postnatal health and how she could help. She told me all about the wonderful classes she runs where exercise is tailored to suit postnatal mums, allowing core muscles and pelvic floor to be strengthened without high impact exercises that will hinder recovery, such as sit-ups! I loved going to these classes. I could bring my son along too, perfect!

She also provided me with the contact details of Fiona Mitchell, a physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic health. Through the work of both of these wonderful ladies, I was able to become stronger, strengthen my pelvic and core muscles and recover. When I was stronger I began attending the advanced classes, targeted at women further along their postnatal journey but still the right kind of exercises.

 Now I am pregnant with my second child and am attending the pregnancy classes enabling me to exercise safely, meet fellow mum’s and help prepare my body for giving birth. I thoroughly recommend getting in touch with Jayne and seeing what she has to offer you. She is so friendly and very knowledgeable!

“I returned in my second pregnancy”

I first met Jayne back in 2014 when I was pregnant with my first child. I attended Pregnancy classes  in order to prepare me emotionally and physically for both the labour and caring for my first baby. I cannot emphasise how much Jayne’s class and overall knowledge of all things pregnancy related helped me along the way. As well as keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy she covered a wide range of areas for discussion towards the end of the class from the importance of pelvic exercise, breastfeeding techniques, pain relief in labour to packing your hospital bag. Nothing is too much trouble for Jayne, her humour and extensive knowledge really helped me through my pregnancy journey and beyond. I enjoyed the classes so much I returned to her classes postnatally. These classes are not only fitness classes, she’s gives advice and support on diet and nutrition and the importance of self care, which is a must after having a baby and something which often gets overlooked. I returned in 2017 in my second pregnancy as both classes helped me so much both in terms of preparation and meeting other mums in the same situation as myself.

“my experience has literally been life changing”

I have attended classes  and my experience has literally been life changing. The care and support you receive from Jayne is incredible. Not only are the classes tailored for post natal women, so you that you a regaining the strength that is often lost during pregnancy, but Jayne also educates you. You learn about your body and how eating the right food and doing to right type of exercise can really help your recovery after having a baby. I’ve also had a massage from Jayne and again she explained where my aches and pains were coming from and she gave me tips on simple exercises I could do to help. My only regret is that I didn’t join Birth fit.

“The classes have been a real lifeline for me”

I first met Jayne when I was pregnant with my second child. The classes have been a real lifeline for me- I’ve been able to learn about pregnancy and post natal fitness, all in a safe and relaxed environment. We have lots of fun while we exercise and I’ve met a network of supportive, like minded women who I know value the classes as much as I do. I’m definitely fitter and more knowledgeable about my own body since meeting Jayne.