One aspect that I find varies considerably between clients in the clinic is the impact a c-section has had on how they now view their bodies and how they view the scar that is now essentially a part of them and their birth story.

Impact of a c-Section

For many women a c section isn’t what was meant to be – they often had spent time and money meticulously planning a natural delivery may be in the water, possibly using hypnobirthing techniques and with as little intervention as possible.

Even with all the careful planning births don’t necessarily go to plan so for some women who needed an emergency c section the impact on their mind needs to be considered just as much like that on their body.

The most common issues I find are women feel that they failed in some way, feel their bodies let them down, disappointment that they missed out on ‘proper’ birth experience and the scar is an unknown and unwelcome part of their body.

The C section Recovery massage appointment in the clinic always allows plenty of time for women to talk – for some it might be the first time they have spoken about their feelings and very often there is a big emotional release.
Reconnecting to a body that you may not recognize is a crucial part of the postnatal wellbeing & recovery – I use a unique visualization technique with clients to allow them to become more accepting of their bodies.

Then the scar … so very often women come to me for that initial c section appointment and have never actually properly touched the scar, some can’t really bear to look at it, some simply don’t know what to do and a lot don’t  want a partner to see it. I then work with the client to take that fear away; I’ll work on the scar first and then I’ll guide them often with their hands on top of mine until they feel comfortable to touch the scar by themselves.

I do feel very honored that I have the skills and approach that has supported so many women to reconnect with their bodies because learning to live and embrace your birth whichever way your baby arrived in the world is an empowering emotion every mother needs to feel. If you need support please get in contact here